• The Pinup BombShelter

    The Best Pinup Studio that you will Ever Shoot At!

  • The Pink Kitchen

    Experience Fantastic Photography in one of the Top Pinup Studios!

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    The Detective

    1940's Detective Office

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    The Bazooka

    Vintage Boxing Set

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    Vintage Livingroom Set

  • PinupBombShelter Houston

    Setup Your Weekend at the PinupBombShelter Houston

  • Rent the Studio!

    Here is the link to the studio Calendar.

    We are now able to rent out the studio.

    Hourly and monthly

  • Your link to a Fantastic Studio Portfolio. We have the list of photo shoots, for all you ever wanted. Just pick what you want to be in. We have wardrobe/accessories, if you don’t. Need hair and makeup? Let us know.

    Fashion, Cosplay, Glamour...... We have the Photographer for You!


    Hit the Button for Fantastic Shoots to Join in on!

    Model Portfolio

  • Hit the button to start Shooting like a Pro!

    Workshops are happening Now!


    Renting the Studio

    Rent the Studio 6a-11p

    $75per hour to use the studio Sunday-Saturday

    Main sets available/Sets can change without notice.

    (Limited Photographers to shoot. Classes, workshops and meetups…..-please call for rates.)

    $25 per hour for editing lessons- laptop

    $50 per hour for personal photography lessons - model not included

    $100 an hour to hire for photography, plus expenses, depending

    Drone photography coming soon Weddings, Commercial, Property...............



    Pricing on Photography


    1hr/1set/2 outfit changes $99/$50 to get published-

    3hrs/3sets/6 outfit changes $199/$50 to get published

    Vintage Couples/Engagement Photography 1hr $145

    Vintage Maternity Photography 1hr $145


    Pinup Classes with the Pinup BombShell Academy/Posing and shoot with Savage Van Sage 1.5hr workshop $75/Edited Photos of workshop. You do not need to have hmua, for the workshop.


    (Save $$ doing your own hair and makeup)

    Model Portfolios-please contract us

    Hair and Makeup Available by appointment


    Wardrobe(Fits Mosts) and Posing Help with every shoot.




  • Rent the Studio Sets!

    The Studio Sets are Portable!

    Even the Pink Kitchen

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    Vintage Sets

    The Bathroom Set-

    One of many Vintage Sets available to shoot on.

    We have a wide selection of vintage sets to shoot on. Every room in the house and a few extras rooms, just to have fun. Included: wardrobe(fits most), accessories and props. We are open 6am to 7pm. Stop by and see what we have.

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    Themed Sets

    Steampunk Sets

    Shoot on Fantastic Themed Sets for the Photo of the Year!

    We build sets, as we need them. Have an idea for a shoot, please let us know. From the 1800-1910 for Steampunk, thru the roaring 20’s, keeping up with the 40’s and 50’s and reliving the 60’s thru 2020.

    So Much to shoot at the PinupBombShelter.

    **4 sets are always up. Other sets will need to be setup before shooting. Time to setup, depends on the set. Upto 48hrs to build some sets.

  • The Set List

    Shoot on sets at the Studio


    Rent Sets by the 1/2 or Full Day


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    So Many Sets to choose from.

    Most sets are easy to move, setup and tear down.


    The Pink Kitchen/Portable

    New Kitchen with Metal Cabinets-Building Now

    Living Room w/wallpaper backdrop/Portable

    2nd Living Room Green walls-Green couch/Portable

    Vintage Boxing 1/4 of the ring, bucket, ropes, bell, /Portable

    Vintage Bathroom Tub, Pedestal sink, Mirror/Portable

    Vintage Bedroom with a Brass Bed/Portable

    Vintage Play Room record player/nice radio/tv....... /Portable

    Santa Baby! A living room set with the Xmas Tree/Portable

    *WW2 Office/Portable

    *Bomb Drop/Portable-available after the first main shoot at the 1940s Summer Ball

    WW2 Outdoor Pup Tent and Field Desk/Portable

    1940s Detectives Office/Front Set in Studio/Main Set

    Vintage Restaurant Booth- 1/2 Round, Brown, table (fits 4) fake alcohol props available


    1920s Flapper outdoor-wardrobe and tea set

    School Girl-Desk and wardrobe (Chalk Board coming. Old one repurposed!?!?)

    Halloween set-Mad Scientist

    -Straight Jacket

    -Skull Tower

    -Apothecary set/Witch,potion shop,skeletons line the wall

    Steampunk sets-25ft wide/Vault Door and huge Gears

    -double panel/clock backdrop/lights hanging

    2 panel Shiny Metal/ sheet metal wavy roof coverage

    The office-File Cabinet, Desk and chair on white backdrop


    Multiple use backdrops for these-Paper or vinyl-Wardrobe and props available

    4th of July

    Packing with vintage Luggage

    World War II soldiers

    Silent home movie watching

    Big Props available:

    Bathtub for any use/claw foot

    40s/50s Pink Washer

    Black leather couch

    Vintage Green Curved couch

    Brass Bed

    50s Full size Fridge painted Pink

    Full size vintage radio

    Vintage Furniture- couches, chairs, side tables, coffee tables, accessories available

    3 Vintage Console TVs/1 portable

    Ww2 field desk

    Vintage Vacuums

    Ww2 military trunks

    Benches, stools and other props for regular photography.



    I have 2 racks of wardrobe (a few things for Guys)

    3 wedding dresses

    Big amount of Halloween decorations, Props and more

    Smoke, bubble and snow machines.


    ***Some sets get repurposed, to make other sets.

    Shoot with:

    Savage Van Sage



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    Innovative Custom Built Sets

    With more coming...

    Wardrobe and Accessories too!

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    The Photographers

    2011 I started Pinup Photography. Loving It for Years!

    I started with two exceptional Pinup photographers, and have tried to carry on their work. I have more sets, more wardrobe, more makeup.....than most. I have been working with great photographers on some fantastic projects. Thank you Alan Castillo, Frank Roddy, Jon Recor for providing photos for the site.

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    The Pinup


    Savage Van Sage

    will be the Hosting Model

    Learn to Model from the Best!

    Pinup Classes to learn how to: pose/facial expressions/hair/makeup


    Receive Edited Photos from each class.

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    We have Models for You to Shoot With!

    Contact us if you need


    We are building a model pool, for all your shooting needs.

    Did your model cancel on you?

    Could you use Models that will show up and have experience?

    Please contact us.

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    My Special Project

    "Feed The Vets!!"

    A Non Profit

    The goal of this project is to help the men, women, and their families, by providing them with basic food staples, that are so hard to come by for some of our Vets.

    We are looking for any help we can get!

    We need dollars to fund a non profit, and to start building up the food shares.

    We are starting fundraising at local VFW's.

    Cooking meals, with profits going towards the Vets.

    Vets can also come in for a free meal.

    Chefs and server volunteers are wanted!

    Any help we can get, there is lots of work to be done. Giving back to our Vets is worth all of the hard work! Everything you can do is greatly appreciated!


    Contact me: 303-619-0531


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    WW2 Uniforms

    For RENT

    It helps

    "Feed The Vets!!"


    We have several uniforms available in different sizes. More uniforms coming. Army/Marine/Navy....... Many accessories. Many Lady’s dresses available with accessories.


    We appreciate any donations!

    Men and Womens clothes, Suits, Uniforms, Coats, Hats, Gloves and any other accessories. Furniture, Appliances,,.... are needed too.

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    Getting Married?

    We have Fantastic Photographers!


    Free Engagement Photos!

    If you want Wedding Photography, contact us now.

    Packages starting at $1200.

    Add Cake, Even Planner, Officiant and Save!!!!!!!!

    Vintage Wedding Photography available.

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    1940’s WWII Era Summer Ball

    June 20th, Boulder Co

    We will have the new set

    The Bomb Drop.

    2 sets to shoot on

    Join us back in time, to a place we all love to go. The 1940’s was a great era to live in. Now you can play in the past.

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    Want to learn


    Learn here at the Pinup


    We have workshops to learn at and Meetups to practice your Skills!

    From Photography 101 to

    Shooting Family and Wedding Photography.

    Pinup Workshops too!

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    Ladies be a part of Pinup!

    Once a month shoots

    Edited photos for your portfolio


    Looking for ladies to join us at the studio, 3rd Saturday of the month. Studio and outdoor shoots.

  • New Studio Coming!

    Hey! Do you want to be part of the New Studio?

    We are Looking for



    Monthly Members

    Come see the studio now and get a glimpse of what the new studio will be like!


    The studio will still be the PinupBombShelter.com

    Just a little bigger and a lot more Fun!

    A Bigger Space

    New Sets and Props

    More Wardrobe and Accessories



    Right now, I share the space with my wife’s custom cake shop


    Custom Cakes, Decorating/Baking Classes, Fantastic Goodies

    She is ready to expand into the studio’s half of the space.

    So now I need to find a different space, Lol. We knew this time would be coming and we have a completion date, on the studio, ready for the new year 2021.

    Looking for location now. 2000-3000sqft


    Please contact Us for any questions you may have.



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    Look what we are doing, at the Studio!

    coming soon



  • Halloween

    Halloween at the Studio

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    Alan Castillo


    Halloween is a BIG thing at the Studio! All of October is devoted to Halloween. Let us know if you'd like to be a model or a photographer for these events.

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    This was one of my first Halloween's at the Studio, even though it wasn't built yet.

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    Jon Recor


    Jon is one of the great photographers who has been helping at the Studio to promote my meetups. Please check us out



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    Who wants to be a part of

    The Pinup BombShells








    Check them out!









    Check it out!





    Shoot with

    Savage Van Sage



    Check it out!





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